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Angelo Sorbello, CEO of Astrogrowth, is for sure the most avant-garde growth hacker that I've known. His unique perspectives, visions and ambitions make him one of the few truly driven entrepreneurs or today's world that can motivate and drive people to reach goals naturally and effectively.Apart from that, his set of skills and competences acquired during the years are immediately felt when working in close contact with him. His global market awareness is such that he can easily spot future business problems and solve them with ease. Many useful concepts, trends, dynamics and tricks of the digital business market have been transferred to me thanks to his direct mentorship and supervision.

Salvatore Damiata


Angelo is one of the greatest Growth Hackers around these days. He is fast, precise and knows exactly how to see every window of opportunity. I could see he is a rising star, but actually I think he is already at such a level that "rising" would not fit his description. He is probably already the best in his marketing. A pleasure to work with and a nice human being.

Sjors Goemans

CEO at Juulr

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