Tai Lopez Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2019)

Tai Lopez Net Worth and Life Story

Net Worth: $60 Million
Born:April 11, 1977
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2019

Tai Lopez is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is an advisor and partner to almost two-dozen multi-million-dollar businesses. He is the owner of the largest book-shipping club in the world, has interviewed numerous celebrities, and to-date has over 10 million followers and subscribers across social media.

Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle because their first ideas might turn out to be failures. Some expect to become overnight sensations and instantly famous. Lopez’s life story and businesses prove that it can take several years to reach your goals, but you can still be successful.

As of 2019, Tai Lopez’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million.

How to All Began for Tai Lopez

tai lopez net worth

Tai Lopez’s life story and businesses put him on a crash course toward success. There may have been detours along the way, but he always felt like his destiny was to find a good life. Then his goal shifted to help others find their dreams as well.

Lopez was born in Long Beach, CA. His mother and grandmother raised him since his father was imprisoned while he was growing up. The entrepreneurial spirit was strong in him from early on, starting his first business when he was six years old selling cherry tomatoes.

Although he has seen significant success in his business ventures in recent years, that first opportunity Lopez followed wasn’t as great. He started a lemonade stand to pursue a different set of customers and discovered that he could earn much more that way.

Lopez Sought Inspiration in the Classics

tai lopez net worth

Tai Lopez grew up in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood. Instead of making friends, he discovered that reading books provided a release from the world. Even today, he claims that he reads at least one book daily because of this habit.

During his teenage years, Lopez sought solace from the gang violence in his neighborhood by studying the traditional teachings of Aristotle. He even wrote to his grandfather asking for advice on how to live a good life because of the influences of this work.

Lopez’s grandfather wrote back, telling him that the modern world was too advanced for anyone. The answers which he sought would need to come from more than just one person. Then Lopez received several boxes of books that he could read on the subject.

He would try to go to college but then realized that traveling to meet other people and discover new places would have been more valuable. That’s when Lopez decided to save enough money to travel to over 50 countries.

Living Broke and Homeless in the United States

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Tai Lopez returned from his travels with less than $50 to his name. He found himself homeless after living with the Amish for two years to learn their way of life. Moving into his mother’s mobile home, feelings of failure surrounded him. He wanted to find a way to be productive. Then Lopez found some inspiration. He opened the local Yellow Pages, saw the most significant advertisement in the Finance section, and decided to pay that person a visit. He put on his best clothes the next day and then asked to work for free if he could receive mentorship.

That would be the moment that would change Lopez’s life. Not only was it a fresh start, but it would also become a way that he could share the unique experiences of his life in ways that could help entrepreneurs find new levels of success.

In less than ten years, he would go from being broke on his mother’s couch to appearing as a millionaire on the 2008 show The Millionaire Matchmaker.

The Jobs and Businesses of Tai Lopez

tai lopez net worth

Even though Tai Lopez dropped out of college, he secured a position at GE Capital thanks to the experiences and mentorship he learned. He would also become a Certified Financial Planner.

As a founding partner for LLG Financial Inc., Lopez, and his firm would help to manage $100 million for 6,000 clients in the United States. He would stay with this business opportunity until 2007 before embracing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Lopez’s ownership in Elite Global Dating helped his wealth to rise so that he could begin to help others. Several dating websites were part of his business portfolio through 2015, including EliteMeet, MeetingMillionaires, and EliteFling.

His podcast generates sponsorship money as well. Lopez began “The Tai Lopez Show” in 2014, which now features advertisers like LightStream, StockX, NetSuite, ZipRecruiter, and TalkSpace. It averages approximately 100,000 downloads per month.

He became an owner of a nightclub in Hollywood. Then in 2014, he began to create and sell online courses, including his flagship 67 Steps Program. This part of his portfolio works with his Amazon affiliate account which pays commissions for his recommendations on his sites.

Lopez’s online courses are one of his most significant sources of revenue. Lopez offers over a dozen different lessons, including the Real Estate Mentor Program, Social Media Marketing Agency, the Mini MBA Academy, the Amazon Sales Blueprint, and Sales Mastery Black Belt.

MentorBox is another signature company started by Tai Lopez, of which he is a 50% owner. It generates revenues of up to $1.5 million per month. This subscription program delivers lessons to a customer’s home each month for the same price as a streaming video service.

He also works with affiliate marketers, generates income through his podcast, and partners with Swanwick to sell blue-light protection glasses that can help you to sleep better at night or stay focused on your computer work.

Can Tai Lopez Inspire You Toward Success?

Since 2008, Tai Lopez provides essential advice, marketing strategies, and unique insights because of his life story. He uses the wisdom gained from his track record of success to help others follow the same journey.

Lopez proves that any life story can become the foundation for success. Over 200,000 people so far have taken the 67 Steps Program that Lopez designed to help bring more success into their lives. There is plenty of money to go around so that everyone can find the wealth they want.

Now it is your turn to see how much success you can earn.

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