Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool?

Lemlist Review – Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool?

By Angelo Sorbello | Software


When I first heard of lemlist, what I thought was

Seriously?? Another outreach tool?

The thing is, lemlist was launching on Appsumo, and because of the 60 days refund policy I thought, why not try it out.

In the same period, I enrolled in the course of a marketer called Jon Buchan who has been getting consistently outstanding results out of cold emails.

I wanted to test what I just learned from him.

What happened next surprised me.

The response rate was outstanding, with people begging to have a call with me even when I forgot to reply after a week.

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How Is Lemlist different?

Before trying Lemlist, I used most of the other email outreach tools on the market: Mailshake, Ninjaoutreach, Quickmail, and Gmass.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re all nice tools.

But without being too flattering to Lemlist, this software has all the main features of its competitors, adding other features that make Lemlist different and more powerful:

  • The automated images feature that helps you to stand out and get responses
  • The outstanding support
  • The nice UX
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in templates that don’t suck
  • The Cold email academy it’s worth $$$

In this review, I will analyze in details each one of these.

Let Your E-mails Stand Out Without Extra-Work

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 1

The chief peculiarity of Lemlist that makes it stand out among the other email outreach software it’s undoubtedly the feature that allows its users to personalize their mass e-mail campaigns with customized images automatically.

What would you do if your usual spammer would send you an e-mail with a funny or cute picture that mentions your name or website?

Well, if you’re a human (I guess :)), you will be more inclined to respond, even if you’re not interested in his offer!

Why? Because a personalized image shows that you care.

Your prospect has no idea that you didn’t spend more than a few seconds to create that image, and it will anyway make your e-mail and offer stand-out because of a sense of reciprocity.

Your prospects will think that they’re so important for you that you’ve spent time creating an image on Photoshop with their name!

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 2

And damn it, it worked! The results of my usual Skyscraper outreach to build backlinks have been fantastic since then.

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 3

And they allowed me to get on the radar of many influencers in the Online marketing industry, which often declined my offer to add a link on their website, but have been fascinated by my approach.

After all, like any marketer that sends lots of this kind of messages knows, sending cold outreach e-mails are all about building relationships instead of selling right away.

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The Support It’s There to Help You

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 4

Every single question I’ve sent to the support of lemlist received a response in just a few hours.

I’ve been blown away! When the heck these guys sleep? – I asked myself.

Guillaume and his team not only helped me when I got some technical problems, but they also reviewed my e-mails giving me tips on how to improve them!

UX it’s cool!

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 5

I know, I know, you’re here to understand whether lemlist it’s a beneficial tool to send your emails and get responses.

But let me tell you, the UX it’s charming and easy to use, despite the fact the tool it’s relatively new, and it requires further improvements.

Like I said before, lemlist has all the major features I’ve found on other tools like Mailshake.

I’ve noticed surely more attention to details than most its competitors have, which makes it easier to use and with more potential inevitably of Gmass and NinjaOutreach.

Lemlist Pricing

lemlist pricing
Lemlist Pricing

Lemlist comes at an affordable price, lower than Quickmail and other alternatives. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to the lower-tier, you’re not enabled to use the images features that I praised before, but at $49/month it’s still a good deal.

Mailshake, its primary competitor for similarity, has the same pricing but with different features.

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 6
Mailshake Pricing

It allows different Zapier integrations not enabled on the $29 plan of lemlist.

This means that if you don’t have the intention of using the images feature of lemlist (which I recommend testing at least ones in your campaigns) comparatively for their lower tier Mailshake it’s better than lemlist.

49 dollars it’s still a fair price compared to most of the other similar solutions on the market which are often more expensive despite not offering fewer features.

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Built-in templates that don’t suck

I’ve been using e-mail outreach software for my white-hat link building campaigns for years now, and it seems like every tool brags about their fabulous built-in templates that you can use from day one.

Despite… They’re the same ones everyone have been using for years!

Lemlist comes with a different approach giving away some top-notch templates for different purposes.

Lemlist Review - Is It the Ultimate Email Outreach Tool? 7

I spent hundreds of dollars buying templates for inspiration.

That’s why I believe the examples present on Lemlist are worth already the price of the subscription to me.

I hope they will add more in the future.

The Cold Email Academy it’s worth $$$

I watched lots of courses on how to send cold emails and outreach.

Precisely I’ve been through the course of some of the most well know people in this practice: Jon Buchan, Charlie Price, Mike Hardenbrook, Sujan Patel, and others.

The academy that lemlist gives away for free to its subscribers it’s worth more than some of the courses I enlisted, and despite sometimes it isn’t as detailed, it covers all the basics necessary to send good e-mails and get responses from day 1.

To Sum-Up – Is Lemlist Worth It?

Beyond all the other e-mail outreach tools I’ve tried, Lemlist not only stands out but it’s also more affordable than others.

It quickly became my go-to software.

I suggest you try it at least for a month using the image personalization features.

You can even try to ask the Lemlist list team to review your emails; if you’re friendly enough, I’m pretty sure they’ll be kind enough to do it.

From better customer support to templates, and the other factors that I’ve described before in this review, I don’t see any reason to use to any other similar tool present right now in the market besides Lemlist.

Click here to Try Lemlist for 14-Days for Free

About the Author

Angelo Sorbello is an Entrepreneur and Growth Marketer. He started his first online business at 13 years old, and without any considerable marketing budget, he later sold it after having signed partnerships and contracts with companies such as Microsoft, DigitalBros, and 888. He now focuses on helping his other companies and budding entrepreneurs and marketers to grow their business and get results.