14 Best YouTube Tools to Get More Subscribers in 2019

14 Best YouTube Tools to Get More Subscribers in 2019

By Angelo Sorbello | Social Media

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Every minute, 300 hours of content get uploaded on YouTube. As a marketer or content creator, the competition against your channel is endless. 

Combined with top-quality contents, the right YouTube tools can help you get your channel to stay above the noise and get in front of your target audience with less effort.

In the past months with my team, I’ve experimented with some of the most popular YouTube tools, so you don’t have to.
Here are what we’ve found to be the 14 best amongst them.
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YouTube Certified Tools


TubeBuddy is a powerhouse of relevant features that can be used to increase the visibility of your YouTube page, and get more subscribers. It offers both free and paid packages and with great features included in the free package. Here is a breakdown of its most important offers:

    • Tag Explorer: it automatically searches for/recommends the best tags to embed in your video.
    • A/B testing: not sure of the best title, tags or thumbnail to use in your video? TubeBuddy can run a split test and recommend the best options using engagement results.
    • Publishing time suggestions: using data from your target audience, it recommends the best time of the day to post new videos.
      • Brand alerts: it sends you a notification every time someone mentions your channel.
    • Competitor scorecard: it keeps an eye out for you on relevant actions being taken by your competition.

Beyond these major features, it also offers some other helpful boosts. The best part is, you can manage all these features right from your YouTube interface.

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  • VidIQ (Free and Premium)


VidIQ was designed to use the right metrics to position its users in the ‘Up Next’ or ‘Suggested Videos’ section. Since suggested videos have a higher click-through rate than general results, this works as an effective strategy.

This YouTube tool is recommended if you want regular insight updates on your channel. Using its scoring system, it analyzes your performance, engagement, and other metrics, then gives a complete report.

It doesn’t offer a lot of productivity tools, but it’s powerful for analytics.

Here are the top features of VidIQ:

  • Analytics reports

It provides information on your channel performance in a format that is very easy to comprehend. If you don’t have the time to study lengthy reports every day, VidIQ might be an excellent option for you. Their reports contain critical insights in a simplified format, giving you all the information you need with one glance.

  • SEO overview

It provides a checklist of your channel’s SEO performance, and an actionable list of changes to be made. As you apply each suggestion, your scorecard will reflect the improvements.

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YouTube SEO, Keywords, and Tags


Ubersuggest is a widely used keyword research tool that provides all the information you need on target keywords. It’s owned by popular SEO authority and expert, Neil Patel. It uses data from the Google Keyword Planner, which means that the results provided are accurate. It also offers full stats on each word searched including monthly search volume, difficulty in paid and organic search, and relevant search phrases that include your keyword.

Ubersuggest provides keyword suggestions for you, especially with difficult-to-rank titles. It does this by adding relevant words to your keyword, making it a long-tail keyword. Because long-tail keywords account for 70% of all web searches, applying the suggestions could give your channel a boost in search performance.

Perhaps the best feature of this tool is its complexity score. It estimates how hard it will be to rank your page or channel for a keyword. It also shows both the organic and paid results that currently rank for that keyword.


SEMRush has been around for a while, and it’s still a favorite for many YouTube content creators and SEO managers. It provides information on:

    • Keyword trends
    • Organic search volume
    • Paid search volume
      • Cost-per-click
    • Suggested keywords

SEMRush allows you to perform an in-depth competitor analysis; you can find out what search words and phrases your competition is ranking for, and tweak yours for better performance. Knowing the competition levels (both organic and paid) on your target keywords will help when planning your YouTube content calendar.

You can also apply its SEO benefits to your social media pages. SEMRush can be used to publish posts, provide additional post ideas, and repurpose your most successful posts. This tool will also offer a full analysis of your social media performance.

Its only downside with social media is that you’re limited to just Facebook and Twitter. You will need another tool for other social media platforms.

If you’re considering SEMRush, note that the features in the free plan are very limited. To enjoy the benefits shared above, you will need one of the paid plans. Thankfully, there are a few plans to pick from, depending on your budget.

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Keywordtool.io is one of my best keyword research tools for YouTube because it provides specific search options. Although Google and YouTube are both search engines, their algorithms rank keywords using different factors. The developers of this tool understand this, which is why several keyword research options were created for Google, YouTube, Bing, eBay, and so on.

For YouTube, it helps you find relevant keywords using the autocomplete feature. These keywords can be used in video title and tags for better visibility. Using this tool, you can generate hundreds of video ideas in minutes, using data from real audiences.

If you choose to run YouTube ads, this tool could also help you maximize the ROI from your ad dollars. With the right keywords, it becomes easier for your target audience to find your ads.

seo chat

SEOChat is a platform that offers a range of tools, but its most prominent feature is the Suggestion Keyword Finder. It’s beneficial in finding keywords that other keyword tools might leave out. It does this using its 3-stage keyword search tool.

When you enter a keyword in the tool, you can choose to run a basic search in Level 1. If you want better insight, then you can select a Level 2 search. For in-depth insight, Level 3 will provide all the information you need. A Level 3 search will also provide some keywords that can be included in Level 1 and 2 searches.

Another great benefit of this tool is its segmentation of results. A search will show result from several search engines, including YouTube. This means that you don’t have to use a one-size-fits-all result for your YouTube keyword planning.

For a free tool, the SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder provides some unique benefits. Even if you prefer another tool as your primary keyword research option, it won’t hurt to use this tool for a final run through.


DrumUp helps users create an efficient link between their YouTube channels and social media pages. It uses your keywords to suggest social content ideas for stronger share power. It also recommends hashtag and mention ideas, boosting your engagement levels. What this means is that the tool scans your content, and suggests other people and influencers to tag in a social media post. Of course, they will include users who are relevant to your industry, or the content being shared.

It also provides suggestions to re-share high performing posts. You might not have the time to track your social media metrics, but DrumUp collects that data and makes reports from them. Using past engagement metrics, you’ll be surprised at the goldmine of engaging content in your social media history.

YouTube Analytics Tools

  • YouTube Analytics (Free)

YouTube provides already some of the most critical features needed to grow your channel and gain subscribers in its Analytics Tool. Here’s everything you get from this custom tool:

  • Overview

This contains a full summary of your channel’s recent performance levels. The records are cloud stored, so you can access older reports when needed. It shows you the details of the demographics that watch your video. This can be very helpful in content creation; when you know who you’re making content for, you can work with specific ideas.

  • Real-time reports

With this feature, you can monitor engagement on your channel as it happens. There are two graphs to support this data- a per-hour graph, and a per-minute graph. Both of them record and report every action taken by a user on your channel right as it happens. Unlike the overview, this data is not available long-term.

  • Earning report

As a YouTube partner, this feature keeps you informed on how much your channel has earned within a timeframe. Note that the estimated earning displayed might not be equal to the final cheque given due to some factors.

Beyond these significant features, the YouTube Analytics Tool also provides watch time, audience retention, traffic sources & devices, and other engagement reports.

google analytics

Google Analytics has retained its position as the widest-used analytics tool for so long for good reason. GA is mainly used to track website performance, but it also has some fantastic features for YouTube.

Once installed on your YouTube page, you’ll be able to track:

    • Your most popular videos: it shows you your most popular videos of all time. Using this information, you can understand what your audience likes, and target more resources into those areas.
      • User interaction: everything ranging from how users navigate your channel, to how quickly they bounce from your page, is available in metrics reports.
    • User demographics: learn who your audience is and how they find you. With this information, you can tailor your content to engage them better.

These are just some of the benefits of integrating Google Analytics into your YouTube channel. The interface is also easy to navigate, and the data simplified for easy understanding.

10. SocialBlade (Free and Premium)


Social Blade is one of the best tools to track and take inspiration from your competition on social media and their strategies. It also works great for evaluating your performance, but its benefits go beyond that. It allows users to track online presence and engagement on YouTube and some social media platforms.

The statistics provided have proven reliable, especially with popular channels. Social Blade updates each channel’s page daily, or less frequently if the owner (or other users) hardly visit their Social Blade profile.

The tool provides a metric called the SB ranking, which is used to rate the relevance of a YouTube channel. It starts from A+ as the highest value. If you plan to collaborate with other YouTubers to grow your channel, this is a great tool to confirm their real engagement levels before investing in that partnership.

11. Awario (Free and Premium)


Awario allows you to find and join the online conversations about your keywords. It continually monitors social platforms – including YouTube – for relevant content and saves them in a handy folder for you to view later. If they interest you, then you can choose to join in and build a relationship with that user that talked about your brand.

It also sorts through your online mentions to push the relevant conversations to the top. This way, you see and engage with them faster.

My favorite feature in this tool so far is its powerful analytics. It tracks your YouTube and social media metrics and also identifies high-performing profiles you can interact with for better visibility.

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YouTube Editing Tools

12. Adobe Premiere Pro (Paid)

adobe premier pro

The quality of your videos determines the strength of your audience retention. For top quality, you need a reliable editing tool. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most recommended editing tools for YouTube videos. Its features are extensive, but most users learn to navigate the software through practice.

With the latest version, you can also push edited videos straight to YouTube and create thumbnails and GIFs using the software.

13. iMovie (Free for Mac Users)

iMovie is a free video editing tool that comes pre-installed on MacBooks and iMacs. For a free software, it offers very impressive features. If you’re a beginner content creator looking for editing software with low learning curves, then this is a perfect fit.

It also contains all the tools you need to edit what could be a TV show, so it’s more than suitable for your YouTube videos.

14. Canva (Free and Paid)


Canva is one of the most reliable design tools for YouTube content creators. You need zero design skills to use this tool because it comes with hundreds of pre-set templates. You can also customize these templates as much as you want by changing colors, images, fonts, icons, and other features. Canva gives you a format but also allows for flexibility.

This design tool can be used to create banners, thumbnails, and a logo for your YouTube channel, among other things. It is crucial to make your content stand out. 90% of the videos on YouTube with the best performance have custom thumbnails. The quality of your design will influence a user’s decision to click on your video.


Did you learn anything new from this article? Let us know what YouTube tools you’ll be exploring and using to grow your YouTube channel. If you already use one or more of the tools on our list, please share your experience in the comment section below.

Keep the train going, add your fav YouTube tools to the list!


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